Santa Fe – Pastelería Casa Ysla

Good  morning everyone!

I am one of the drivers of SOLTRANSFER. I would like to share this post with you. On Thursday, I did a very special service. I picked up some clients from Torremolinos to take them to Granada, city of »La Alhambra de Granada». On our way to Granada, we made a stop in Santa Fe, a town very close to the province.

Santa Fe

Do you want to know something interesting about this place? In Santa Fe, you can find the original Patisserie »Casa Ysla» where small pastries  called »Piononos» are made since 1897. We had the opportunity to try them and believe me, they are really delicious!

Pastelería Casa Ysla

I can say that the sweet that I like the most is the pionono. I have eaten it since I was a child. It has a special flavour. For this reason, you should come to Granada and try this delicacy! We are happy to offer you our transfer service to go from Malaga Airport to any destination of Costa del Sol. You can book your transfer service on Trust us! You won’t regret it!

Playa El Playazo

Good afternoon everyone! Yesterday, we spent a really good time with some clients of We really like to thank our usual clients, that’s the reason we decided to go with them to a popular beach in Nerja called »El Playazo». It seemed like a summer day and we enjoyed a lot. We went to have lunch to »Chiringuito Mauri», where we ate a delicious paella and some good »espetos». I show you some photos!

Espetos de sardinas

At the end of the afternoon, we enjoyed this fantastic view:

Playa el Playazo

You are all invited to come to Nerja and visit its wonderful beaches. Our service works 24 hours a day. If you want to come to Nerja or any other destination on the Costa del Sol, our drivers can pick you up from Malaga Airport. Your holidays will be fantastic and unforgettable!


The Nerja Caves

Good afternoon all! I am a driver of who has had the opportunity to take some usual clients from Sweden to one of Nerja’s most popular and spectacular historical sites. A trip to Andalucia would not be complete without a visit to the Nerja Caves.

The Nerja Caves

On January 12th 1959, five local boys from the village of Maro decided to go hunting for bats and headed for a pothole known locally as ‘La Mina’ where they spent the night watching a great number of these creatures exiting through the hole in the rocks.

The boys decided to return the next day, taking with them some tools to dislodge a couple of stalagtites in the entrance. Once inside, they found themselves able to descend to a huge cavern where they discovered a number of skeletons next to some ceramic pottery.

Excited by their find, they went back to tell their family, friends and teachers but it wasn’t until the cave was visited by a medical expert and a photographer that the true extent of their discovery became apparent.

Sculpture on the Balcón de Europa commemorating the discovery of the caves

Don’t want to miss this amazing place to visit! Contact us through our website to come to see this wonder of nature. Remember that we are at your disposal. We are a trustworthy company. The best quality at the best price!

Romería de San Isidro in Nerja

Good afternoon everyone! I am a worker of SOLTRANSFER and I would like to tell you something. Now that spring has arrived and there is nice weather in Nerja, we are receiving many bookings.  Many clients know that in May we have a very popular celebration called »San Isidro» and, of course, they don’t want to miss this wonderful party.

The procession in San Isidro








San Isidro takes place on 15th May. It is the patron saint of farmers, and many villages celebrate it with processions through the streets. The statue of San Isidro resides at the Nerja Caves, near Maro. However, for San Isidro celebrations, the statue is brought to the town just before the event and then makes its ceremonial journey back to its home in the company of thousands of ‘pilgrims’.

San Isidro








If you want to enjoy this tradition, you are more than welcome! If you need a transfer, it is simple: visit our website and make a booking with us. You will find the best prices. Our wonderful team will be happy to give you the best treatment.

Día del Pedal – Nerja

Hello! I am Peter and I am one of the drivers of On April 22nd, I had the opportunity to pick up some clients at Málaga airport. They are some clients from Norway who have booked our transfer service for the first time. They had never been to the beautiful town of Nerja and they wanted to spend a fantastic week here. They arrived at Málaga airport at 9 o’clock in the morning and we had already arrived in Nerja at 10 o’clock in the morning. They were lucky to arrive on a nice day in which »Día del Pedal» was being celebrated.

»Día del Pedal»








This is a non competitive sporting event that has been held each year in the town which sees locals and visitors cycling around the town according to an official route. There are participants of all ages and all manner of bikes and scooters rolling around the town starting from Plaza de España.

These clients loved the atmosphere of Nerja and they were very lucky to see this event in the morning. After this, I recommended them to go to a very popular bar called »El Pulguilla» in which they could enjoy »El pescaíto frito», a traditional dish of Andalusia.

»Cervecería El Pulguilla»








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Granada, city of the Alhambra

Good morning, my name is Emily and I am one of the youngest drivers of Yesterday morning, I had the privilege of doing a very special service, tooking some clients from Nerja to Granada. We arrived in Granada at 12:00 in the morning and we went back to Nerja at 20:00 in the afternoon. For me, this transfer service was so special because I have studied in Granada and I had the pleasure of talking with these wonderful clients during the trip and recommend them the places they should visit in this beautiful city. They went to visit »La Alhambra de Granada» which is one of the wonders of Spain.

»La Alhambra de Granada»










Then, they visited »El Mirador de San Nicolás» from where they could contemplate the whole city of Granada and also »La Alhambra de Granada». They enjoyed the views with some typical »tapas», which are very popular for their quality and quality and their low price.

»El Mirador de San Nicolás»
Typical »tapas» of Granada

We recommend to all our clients this unforgettable experience of visiting Granada. If you need a transfer to any destination to Granada, do not hesitate to visit our website You will find the best prices. Our wonderful team will be happy to adjust the prices so that the offer is perfect. A greeting to all our clients and new clients are welcome! Thank you!!





My dear night shift

Good morning, my name is Antonio and I am one of the drivers of Specifically I am on the night shift, so if you arrive too late or leave very early, surely I will see you. I will be happy to receive you, depending on your transfer. Our customers are very relieved to know that there will be always a driver from waiting for them, whether they arrive late, or whether they leave very early and, of course, without additional cost, always with the best prices at Malaga airport!!


I love the night shift because at night there is no traffic and the airport is very quiet. Besides this, I requested this shift to the company since my wife starts to work very early so that I can take the children to the school in the mornings. I am very grateful to since they have facilitated my life and I can better reconcile my family life, and more in my case because I have four small children!

Dear clients, we are looking forward to welcoming you and we will be happy to take you to your accommodation so that you can enjoy the good weather we have, as well as some wonderful holidays. I show you some pictures of the airport at four in the morning. Thank you and have a good day!
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Busy day at work

Hola! I am Damaris, the secretary of SOLTRANSFER. I am in the coffe break and I would like to write you about today. We are having a busy day managing bookings from Malaga airport to a great variety of destinations in Costal del Sol (Nerja, Torrox, Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga, Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella, etc.). As you can see, nice weather is coming and summer is almost here. We are happy too see that more and more clients trust us. That’s why our efforts are having their reward. We remind you that you can enter our web page to book a private transfer from Malaga airport to any destination. We will be happy to give the best treatment to our clients. Thank you for reading my little story and I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Visit to «Bodegas Bentomiz» in Sayalonga with Liz, Linda & friends

My name is Dany, and I am one of the most veteran drivers of Today I had the privilege of doing a very special service, visiting the Bentomiz wineries with Liz and Linda, two of our usual clients. They are two lovely girls that we have known for a long time since they have a beautiful house in Nerja.

Bodegas Bentomiz in Sayalonga (Málaga)

They come very often, and they also invite their family and friends to their house. They love visiting Nerja. Normally, they make the reservation through our web page and select the option Malaga airport transfer to Nerja and vice versa (Nerja to Malaga airport transfer). Usual customers have a very special treatment, since they are not only clients, they are also our friends. We arrived at at 1:50 p.m. and we came back to Nerja at 4.30 p.m. They visited the winery «Complete winery experience», which consisted of visiting the winery and the vineyards, including tasting all their wines. They also had a spectacular lunch with wonderful views of Sayalonga and its mountains. It was a beautiful sunny day without wind and a temperature of 23 degrees.

Tapas in Bodegas Bentomiz

We recommend you this unforgettable experience and we invite you to visit Malaga and its wonderful villages such as Sayalonga. If you need a transfer from the airport of Malaga, do not hesitate to visit our website, where you can find all the usual destinations at a surprising price. If for some reason you do not find your destination, do not forget to contact us at Our wonderful team will be happy to answer your requests and adjust the prices so that the offer is perfect. For example, if you plan to visit Nerja, you should select transfer Malaga airport to Nerja with an standard vehicle for 4 passengers, 58 euros. As you can see, our prices are the best!

Although we are a great company, the treatment to our clients is the closest and the most affectionate one. For us, our clients are the most important, and we try to give them the best service at the best possible price. The philosophy of our company is that the money is not the most important, the important thing is that our clients are happy and trust us. The money is just a consequence of a good job, that’s why we are always responsible from the beginning to the end.
A greeting to all our clients, new clients are welcome!

Wonderful Sunday

Hello!! I am Damaris, the secretary of SOLTRANSFER. Today, there was a wonderful weather in Nerja. We had 20 degrees and the sun was shining in the sky. We have enjoyed the day with one of the clients who often uses our private transfer service. We picked them up from Malaga Airport and we arrived in Nerja at lunchtime. We went to Burriana Beach to have a delicious Paella in Chiringuito de Ayo. Then, we went for a walk in Balcón de Europa, one of the wonders of Nerja and we enjoyed a delicious ice cream in La Ibense. What a beautiful day!! Remember that we are at your disposal. If you need  private transfer booking from Malaga airport to any destination in Costa del Sol, contact us through Thank you!!

Photo taken in Balcón de Europa